E911 Statement (Emergency Calling)

Emergency calls to 911 are connected to your community’s emergency management office or police using our Enhanced 911 system, also known as E911. Your activated E911 Address allows us to know where to connect the call, even if your address and area code do not share the same area. Also, when an emergency call is made, your address is sent along with the call to the dispatcher.

Customers must activate their E911 Address to make emergency calls. Calls made to 911 without an E911 Address may not connect or may be subject to $150 fine per call.

E911 is $1.39 billed monthly and available to all customers on our network once activated. The E911 system is built on a reliable and powerful foundation built exclusively for handling emergency calls in all 50 states. Our network resources are built on the same network and systems that handle emergency calls for other carriers, and provides failover and accurate E911 handling.

About this Policy

We are required by US law to share that we support emergency calling, and this is needed to be activated by our customers.


If you have any questions or trouble, please contact our support anytime.

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